In Service    

Martin Luther King once poetically termed society as an “inescapable network of mutuality,” acknowledging that, “whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” With this in mind, we at Piers Partners, in collaboration with many wonderful individuals and organizations in the Okanagan, have focused on building a healthy community, beginning with the community members who most need support.

Our shared vision, the combined passion for the work we do, and the support we offer each other has allowed our organization to grow from one program to eight (simultaneous) programs reaching many communities and providing a myriad of services across the Okanagan. Over the last fifteen years we have provided Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and West Kelowna with services to their most vulnerable community members.

Piers success as an organization, and our success with at-risk populations can be attributed to three major factors: one, our desire to enhance the quality of life for at-risk individuals; two, our myriad of community partnerships where we work together for one common goal; and three, our caring, dedicated, and experienced staff.

  • We have served over 300 homeless individuals to find homes.
  • We have helped 1000s of community members build skills to enhance their employability and reach their personal and professional goals.
  • We have helped hundreds and hundreds of individuals who struggled to find work, to find work, and keep work.
  • And finally, within the contracts we serve, we have had the unique opportunity to fill those little gaps in services to make that needed difference for so many clients to reach their potential, and enhance their quality of life.

And now, on our 15 year anniversary, we would like to acknowledge and thank the businesses, organizations, and individuals who have helped us and our clients throughout the years.

In Gratitude

First and foremost, Piers is proud of the dedication and hard work of every staff member. We recognize that we could not have achieved such results without the knowledgeable, caring staff who are so committed to making a difference in the lives of others. Also, a special shout out to Piers management team – three amazing women, who collectively have been supporting Piers for a total of 40 years; they have been an integral part of the growth and success of our organization.

We at Piers would like to thank all the organizations who shared our vision to provide meaningful, client-centered services and support to the most vulnerable. To provide holistic services, it takes a village, and we have seen what collaboration can do for those we support. With the collaboration of local businesses/employers, landlords, community service providers, faith-based organizations and individuals who contribute to helping others, we make our communities strong and vibrant.

It is these honourable partnerships, combined with our knowledgeable and dedicated staff that contribute to the on-going success of our participating individuals.

We would also like to thank our funders, both government and private, who have believed in us, worked with us, and helped our programs reach the people who need them most.

In service, friendship, and gratitude to all our partners and staff members, we would like to give sincere thanks for the last 15 years and raise a toast to 15 more.  Together, we can create a community where every individual is supported and provided with the tools they need to develop self-worth, explore opportunities and be empowered to become the primary decision makers in their lives.

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