We’ve all experienced it, the rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, lump in the throat, inability to sleep…….the dreaded job interview!  The job interview can be a very stressful event.  Even though you’ve got nothing to lose, it still can be daunting.  Here are some tips to making that event just a little less stressful:

  • Prepare! Research the company; have some facts around who they are and what they do to fill in the blank time in the interview.  Really look at what the company does, and find ways to connect your past experience with the duties the new job may entail.
  • If possible, get a good rest the night before – try to go to sleep early and get a solid night’s sleep – if stress and insomnia hit don’t sweat it – a sleepless night or two won’t affect your functioning.
  • Leave plenty of time to get to the interview; nothing is worse for your nerves than scrambling for a parking spot when you are trying to get there on time!
  • Be mindful of your attire – rule of thumb is one step above the dress of the person interviewing you – if you are questioning what you have on, change.
  • Try not to drink coffee or smoke immediately prior to the interview – coffee will make you jittery!
  • Make eye contact – shake hands, extend a warm greeting with a personal touch.
  • Have some pat answers for “those” interview questions. Think questions such as, “name a situation where you have solved a problem at work?”, or “what kind of management style do you appreciate?” and have answers at the ready.  No matter how nervous you are, preparation and practicing answers to those questions will go a long way to helping you ace that interview.
  • Be yourself – authenticity and uniqueness will catch the employer’s attention – try to be as confident as possible, and be concise with your answers. Let your true self shine.
  • Watch your body language, be open positive, don’t slouch.
  • Have a list of questions related to the position ready for the interviewer, and try to avoid questions around pay or benefits in that initial interview.
  • Thank the interviewer, either by email, phone or drop a card off. Again, a personal touch goes a long way with a prospective employer.
  • If you aren’t successful this time, request a post-interview meeting with the employer. Ask for feedback on your performance and tips on what you could change next time.
  • Breathe. Every interview you attend is a learning experience, and you will get better each time.  Be good to yourself – you’ll get that job!

If you are looking for work and feel like you need a bit of extra help contact your local WorkBC office.  They offer extensive assistance is all aspects of job search and interviews, and could be that extra boost you need as you search for employment in our dynamic job market.

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