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Experiencing this country-wide cold spell has us thinking about our vulnerable populations here in the Central Okanagan. As we work in the community with partners, organizations of small and large capacities, individuals wanting to lend a helping hand, one thing is implicitly clear: the spirit of community is alive and to be commended.

Cold spell aside, throughout the pandemic, we have seen our communities come together in the desire to support each other. There have been individuals offering to shop for those who cannot, individuals have offered spare food, groups have created drives to gather sleeping bags and warm clothing to distribute people sleeping rough, and during the many holidays families made dinners for those who could not afford to. Mothers have banded together to ensure children all have what they need. We saw hearts and posters go up in support of our front-line workers and all that they do! Schools taught children about our seniors who are no longer able to see their families and created activities to show seniors that we care. Word has gone out about local businesses that need our support during these trying times! We have seen many posts with people thanking other individuals for someone having bought their coffee in the lineup of a coffee shop, all in the spirit of spreading good cheer!

We could spend our moments talking about the fatigue created by the pandemic (and by all means we feel it too), and we could complain about the ghastly cold weather that is making us think twice about taking our dogs out for a walk, but, instead we are choosing to relay our thanks to ALL, whatever their giving capacity, whom have been able to give back to individuals throughout these difficult times. When we sit back and take a moment to see all the good that is happening amidst the chaos, we cannot help but be grateful and proud to live in such a caring and thoughtful community.


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